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Full Lifetime Guarantee for the Original Purchaser.
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All telephones fully working.

*Telephones posted to UK & IRELAND Only*
Postage £10 - £12 depending upon the type of phone.
Phone: 01325 363028 or 07834 521227

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Here at Antique GPO Phones we only sell Genuine Original GPO/BT Dial Telephones.
All telephones are cleaned, restored and are fully working to a high standard.

I am a home run business since 2007. My background is in Antiques and I have been selling at all the main fairs Newark etc. since 1988.  

I got into telephones after collecting phones for myself. I started restoring them as a hobby for over 20 years. I started to sell them on eBay and at fairs before starting my own website. There is nothing like a Retro Bakelite or Plastic Dial Telephone they feel a lot different in your hands and a lot more sturdy. These Old Phones are all Real Statement Pieces from Yesteryear. Dates and Model Numbers can be found here.

*All telephones can be posted outside the UK if relisted on to be sent by global shipping program. Please email for further information.